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1). In a certain loaded transformer, the secondary voltage is one-fourth the primary voltage the secondary current is
a)    One-fourth the primary current
b)    four times the primary current
c)    equal to the primary current
d)    one-fourth the primary current or equal to the primary current

2). Which of the following are variable losses ?
a)    Eddy current loss
b)    hysteresis loss
c)    shunt field copper loss   
d)    armature copper loss  

3). The noise resulting from vibrations of lamination set by magnetic forces, is termed as
a)    Magnetostriction    
b)    boo
c)    hum.
d)    zoom

4). The primary winding of a power transformer should always be
a)    open   
b)    shorted
c)    Switched
d)    fused

5). Eddy current loss will depends on
a)    Frequency  
b)    Flux density
c)    Thickness
d)    All of the above

6).Hysteresis loss will depends on
a)    f
d)    f^1.6

7). Total core losse is also called as ---------?
a)    Eddy current loss  
b)    Hysteresis loss
c)    Magnetic loss
d)    copper loss

8). Maximum efficiency will occur, when the copper loss is_________to iron loss?
a)    Greater than
b)    Less than
c)    Equal to
d)    Any of the above

9). The basic function of a transformer is to change
a)    The power level
b)    The power factor
c)    The level of the voltage    
d)    The frequency

10). The core flux in transformer depends mainly on
a)    Supply voltage
b)    Supply voltage and Frequency
c)    Supply voltage , Frequency and Load
d)    Supply voltage and Load



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