Mcqs On Illumination | Objective Questions And Answers on Illumination | All Student World 1.7

Mcqs On Illumination | Objective Questions And Answer on Illumination | All student world 1.7

1).illumination of one lumen per sq. metre is called.
a)    lumen metre.
b)    lux.
c)    foot candle.
d)    candela.

2).A solid angle is expressed in terms of.
a)    radians/metre.
b)    radians.
c)    steradians.
d)    degrees.

3).carbon are lamps are commonly used in.
a)    photography.
b)    cinema projectors.
c)    domestic lighting.
d)    street lighting.

4).Filament lamp at starting will take current.
a)    less than its full running current.
b)    equal to its full running current.
c)    more than its full running current.
d)    100%

5).A reflector is provided to.
a)    protect the lamp.
b)    provide better illumination.
c)    avoid glare.
d)    do all of the above.

6). ....will need lowest level of illuminotion.
a)    Audiotoriums.
b)    Railway platform.
c)    Displays.
d)    Fine engravings.

7).in the fluorescent tube circuit the function of choke is primarily to.
a)    reduce the flicker.
b)    minimise the starting surge.
c)    initiate the arc and stabilize it.
d)    reduce the starting current.

8).Which of the following instruments is used for comparison of candle powers of different sources.
a)    Radiometer.
b)    Bunsen meter.
c)    photometer.
d)    candle meter.

9).Which of the following applications does not need ultraviolet lamps.
a)    car lighting.
b)    Medical purposes.
c)    Blue print machines.
d)    Aircraft cockpit dashboard lighting.

10).on which of the following factors does the depreciation or maintenance factor depend.
a)    lamp cleaning schedule.
b)    Ageing of the lamp.
c)    Type of work carried out at the premises.
d)    All of the above factors.

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