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MCQs On Illumination  | Objective Questions and answer On Illumination :

1).which of the following ststements is correct?
a)    light is a form of heat energy.
b)    light is a form of electrical energy.
c)    light consists of shooting particles.
d)    light consists of electromagnetic.

2).candela is the unit of which of the following?
a)    wavelength.
b)    luminous intensity.
c)    luminous flux.
d)    frequency.

3).....does not have separate choke
a)    sodium vapour lamp.
b)    fluorescent lamp.
c)    mercury vapour lamp.
d)    All of the above.

4).which gas can be filled in GLS lamps
a)    Oxygen.
b)    carbon dioxide.
c)    Xenon.
d)    Any inert gas.

5).co-efficient of utilisation depends upon
a)    colour of the walls.
b)    colour of ceiling.
c)    size of the room.
d)    all of the above.

6).the illumination at a point 5 meters a lomp in 6 lux. the candle power of the lamp is
a)    200.
b)    150.
c)    140.
d)    30.

7).A 200 candle power lamp is hunp 4 m above the centre of circular area of 5 m diameter. the illumination at centre of the area is
a)    18.5 lux.
b)    17.5 lux.
c)    12.5 lux.
d)    13.5 lux.

8).A 1000 W bulb fitted with a reflector illuminates an area of 3 M X 3 M with an are rage illumination of 450 lux. if the bulb has and efficiency of lumens/watt the efficiency of the reflector is
a)    70%.
b)    30%.
c)    20%.
d)    45%.

9).unit of luminous flux is
a)    lumens.
b)    candela.
c)    steradians.
d)    lux.

10).The illumination of the surface varies directly with cosine of the angle between normal to surface and direetion of the inclined light is given by
a)    law of square inverse.
b)    lambar cosine law.
c)    both A and B.
d)    none of the above.


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