Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer awareness Questions and answers | All students wold

Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer awareness Questions and answers | All students world 

1).____is a set of computer programs used on help perform tasks.
a)    An instruction.
b)    software.
c)    memory.
d)    Task.

2).The two broad categories of software are____.
a)    system and Application.
b)    windows and MacOS.
c)    Transaction and Applications.
d)    Word Processing and spread sheet.

3).which key can be used to view slide show.
a)    F1.
b)    F2.
c)    F5.
d)    F10.

4).Length of the string "correct" is.
a)    6.
b)    7.
c)    8.
d)    9.

5) MS DOS.the primary hard disk drives has the drive letter.
a)    A.
b)    B.
c)    C.
d)    D.

6).what is the difference between 'cool booting'and'warm booting?
(I)cool booting use a floppy for booting while warm booting uses a hard disk for booting.
(II)cool booting is starting the computer from the power off position and warm booting is the restarting the computer.

a)    only 1.
b)    only II.
c)    Both I&II.
d)    Either IorII.

7).compiler in computer system is a.
a)    package.
b)    system software.
c)    process.
d)    Application software.

8).WORM stand for.
a)    write once Read many.
b)    wanted once read memory.
c)    wanted original real memory.
d)    write original read memory.

9).word in Ms-office-7 allows creation of____type of documents by default.
a)    DOC.
b)    WPF.
c)    TXT.
d)    DOCX.

10).To standout a word. what option can be used.
a)    standout.
b)    Delete.
c)    print.
d)    Bold.

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