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Mcqs on Computer Fundamentals | Computer awareness Questions Answers | All student world 1.1

1).primary purpose of software are is to turn into____.
a)    websites.
b)    information.
c)    programs.
d)    objects.

2).The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately____is used.
a)    sequential Access.
b)    Directory.
c)    Direct access.
d)    File allocation table.

3).A collection of related files is called a____.
a)    character.
b)    field.
c)    Database.
d)    Record.

4).____is the process of finding errors in software code.
a)    compiling.
b)    Testing.
c)    running.
d)    Debugging.

5).A____contains specific rulers and word that express the logical steps of an algorithm.
a)    syntax.
b)    logic chart.
c)    programming language.
d)    programming structure.

6).the____key will launch the start button.
a)    Esc.
b)    windows.
c)    shift.
d)    shortcut.

7).To move the beginning of a line of text,press the____key.
a)    enter.
b)    a.
c)    page up.
d)    home.

8).The____tells the computer how to use its components.
a)    utility.
b)    network.
c)    operating sy
d)    Other Control

9).All of the following are media players EXCEPT:-
a)    quick time.
b)    window media player.
c)    real player.
d)    indie podder.

10).Word processing,spreadsheet and photo Editing are example of.
a)    Application software.
b)    system software.
c)    word processing.
d)    platform software.


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