MCQs on Illumination | Objective questions On illumination | All Student Word 1.2

MCQs on Illumination | Objective question and Answer On illumination 

1).which of the following statement is correct?
a)    light consists of electromagnetic waves.
b)    light consists of ultraviolet waves.
c)    light consists of infrared waves.
d)    light consists of gamma rays.

2).the solid angle subtended by an area of 2400cm on the surface of a sphere of diameter 1.2m is
a)    2/5.
b)    2/3.
c)    1/3.
d)    3/2.

3).from a uniform light source of 300 c.p.there exists a plane surface 15 m below the value of illumination on the plane surface when the luminoucs flux rays are inclined at an angle of 30 to the surface is
a)    4.06 lumens.
b)    5 lumens.
c)    1.53 lumens.
d)    2.87 lumens.

4).Illumination can be expressed in
a)    candela.
b)    lumens.
c)    lux.
d)    radians.

5).total flux or lumens requored in any lighting scheme depends inversely on
a)    none of the above.
b)    reflection factor.
c)    reduction factor.
d)    utilization factor.

6).luminous efficiency of a fluorecescent tube is
a)    10 lumens/watt.
b)    20 lumens/watt.
c)    40 lumens/watt.
d)    60 lumens/watt.

7).candela is the unit of
a)    polar curves.
b)    solid angle.
c)    luminous intensity.
d)    illumination.

8).luminous efficienecy of a fluorescence lamp is
a)    70 lumens/watt.
b)    60 lumens/watt.
c)    40 lumens/watt.
d)    30 lumens/watt.

9).candela is the unit of which?
a)    wavelength.
b)    luminous intensity.
c)    luminous flux.
d)    frequency.

10).what will be the total flux emitted by a source of 60 candle power?
a)    754.2 lumens.
b)    0.001326 lumens.
c)    60 lumens.
d)    none of these.


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