Microprocessor-8086 MCQs Set-1

1).A microprocessor is a______chip integrating all the functions of a CPU of a computer.
a)    Multiple
b)    Single
c)    double
d)    Triple

2).Microprocessor is a/an___circuit that functions as the CPU of the compute
a)    Electronic
b)    mechanic
c)    integrating   
d)    Processing  

3).Microprocessor is the______of the computer and it perform all the computational tasks.
a)    main    
b)    heart
c)    important
d) Simple

4).The purpose of the microprocessor is to control______.
a)    memory   
b)    switches
c)    processing
d)    tasks

5).The first digital electronic computer was built in the year_____.
a)    1950  
b)    1960
c)    1940
d)    1930

6).In 1960's texas institute invented_____.
a)    Integrated circuits
b)    microprocessor
c)    vacuum tubes
d)    transistors

7).The inlet 8086 microprocessor is a_______processor.
a)    8 bit  
b)   16 bit
c)    32 bit
d)    4 bit

8). The microprocessor can read/write 16 bit data from or to _______
a)    memory
b)    I/O device
c)    Processor
d)    register

9).In 8086 microprocessor, the address bus is_______ bit wide.
a)    12 bit
b)    M10 bit
c)    16 bit    
d)    20 bit

10).The work of EIU is _______.
a)    encoding
b)    decoding
c)    Processing
d)    calculations