Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions And Answers | All Student world

Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions and Answers | All student world 

1).To prepare presentation/slide show which application is commonly used.
a)    Photoshop.
b)    Powerpoint.
c)    Outlook express.
d)    Interenet express.

2).A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to "Infect"other computer is called a.
a)    disease.
b)    torpedo.
c)    hurricane.
d)    virus.

3).Editing a document consists of reading through the document you have created then____.
a)    correcting your errors.
b)    printing it.
c)    saving it.
d)    deleting it.

4).which of the following is NOT a famous operating system.
a)    windows vista.
b)    Mac OSX.
c)    Linus.
d)    virtual Box.

5).what is the full form of[WORM].
a)    write once Read Many.
b)    write once Read More.
c)    write once read and Marupulate.
d)    write once Read and Manufactured.

6).who developed FORTRAN language.
a)    Gracs Hopper.
b)    Dennis Ritchie.
c)    john Backus.
d)    George kemeny.

7).Ctrl+B can____the font.
a)    ITALIC.
b)    BOLD.

8).In MS word-2007 which key is used for checking grammar&spelling.
a)    F3.
b)    F1.
c)    F7.
d)    F4.

9).Device Drivers are.
a)    Application software.
b)    Application package.
c)    Networking software.
d)    system software for hardware devices.

10).An error is also known as.
a)    bug.
b)    debug.
c)    cursor.
d)    icon.

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