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Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions And Answers | All student world 

1).C is a.
a)    High Level language.
b)    Low Level language.
c)    High Level Language with some Low Level features.
d)    Low Level Language with some high-Level features.

2).when you delete files in windows operating system they are.
a)    Delete permanently.
b)    put in Recycle bin.
c)    wiped thoroughly so that no one is able to recover the file back.
d)    Delete permanently and also wiped clean.

3).In database, information should be organized and accessed according to which of the following.
a)    physical position.
b)    Logical structure.
c)    Data dictionary.
d)    physical structure.

a)    Translates high level language into a machines language.
b)    Translate one statement at a time as the program executes.
c)    Translates two statement at a time as the program executes.
d)    produces object code.

5).Band width refers to.
a)    The cost of the cable required to implement a WAN.
b)    The cost of the cable required to implement a LAN.
c)    The amount of information a peer to peer network can store.
d)    The amount of information in communication medium can transfer in a given amount of time.

6).The REN command in Dos is used to.
a)    change the name of a file.
b)    Move a file from one location to another.
c)    Delete a file and its contents.
d)    Delete a folder and its sub folder.

7).In Dos the purpose of MD command is to.
a)    Move a folder.
b)    Make a database.
c)    Move a file.
d)    create a directory.

8).Using the print option.
a)    Enter document is printed.
b)    Only current page is printed.
c)    Any number of pages can be printed.
d)    All of these.

9).It refers to the distance between text boundaries and page margins.
a)    Header.
b)    Heading.
c)    Indent.
d)    Leader characters.

10).selecting landseape changes our page from.
a)    A wide to tall orientation.
b)    A tall to wide orientation.
c)    A normal font size to a condensed one.
d)    A condensed font size to a normal one.

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