Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions and Answers | All student World

Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions and Answers | All Student World 

1).select the shortcut key to delete a file permanently.
a)    Del.
b)    Backspace.
c)    ctrl+Del.
d)    shift+Del

2).which is the shortcut key to invoke the spell checker in Ms Access.
a)    F2.
b)    F7.
c)    Alt+F7.
d)    F3.

3).which of the following is a web browser-.
a)    paint.
b)    power point.
c)    Fire Fox.
d)    Word.

4).Dos floppy disk does not have.
a)    Boot Record.
b)    File allocation table.
c)    Root directory.
d)    virtual Memory.

5).compiler in computer system is.
a)    package.
b)    system software.
c)    process.
d)    Application software.

6).Data going into the computer is called-.
a)    Output.
b)    algorithm.
c)    calculations.
d)    input.

7).____is the process of carrying out command.
a)    Fetching.
b)    storing.
c)    Executing.
d)    Decoding.

8).which among the following can be called an electronic check.
a)    Debit card.
b)    smart card.
c)    credit card.
d)    Metro card.

9).A____is a unique name that you give to a file of information.
a)    device letter.
b)    folder.
c)    filename.
d)    file name extension.

10).A program written in machine language is called..
a)    Assembler.
b)    Object.
c)    computer.
d)    machine.


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