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Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions And Answers | All Student World 

1).Windows 95 windows 98 and windows NT are known as what.
a)    processors.
b)    domain names.
c)    modems.
d)    operating system.

2).To create new folder in a window.
a)    left click+new folder.
b)    Double click+new folder.
c)    Right click+select new folder.
d)    Double click on Desktop.

3).UNIX was developed by____.
a)    Bell labs.
b)    Berkley software group.
c)    california University.
d)    American Defence Academy.

4).which of the following codes need 7 bits to represent a character.
a)    ASCII.
b)    BCD.
c)    EBCDIC.
d)    GRAY.

5).the fist UNIX operating system was written in the.
a)    C language.
b)    java.
c)    B language.
d)    Assembly language.

6).A pixel is.
a)    A computer program that draws picture.
b)    A picture stored in the secondary memory.
c)    the smallest resolvable part of a picture.
d)    A virus.

7).VIRUS stand for.
a)    very Important record User searched.
b)    very interchanged result Until.
c)    vital Information resource Under siege.
d)    very Important resource Under search.

8).A series of statements explaining how the data is to be processed is called.
a)    instruction.
b)    compiler.
c)    program.
d)    interpreter.

9).which of the following is NOT a computer programming language.
a)    C.
b)    microsoft.
c)    java.
d)    COBOL.

10).microsoft Office is.
a)    shareware.
b)    public domain software.
c)    opean-sourse software.
d)    An application suite.

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