Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions and Answers | All student world

Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer Awareness Questions And Answers | All student World 

1).An operation to retrieve information image as well as text which is stored in clip board and inserted it at the destined place is.
a)    Copy.
b)    Insert.
c)    Select.
d)    Paste.

2).A Folder.
(A)is a organized tool used to store files.
(B)is synonymous with directory but folder is the newer preferred term.
(C)contains data.

a)    A only.
b)    b only.
c)    c only.
d)    None of these.

3).The property that when classes are arranged in a hierarchy each class assumes the attribute and method of its ancestors known as.
a)    Generalization.
b)    Inheritance.
c)    Encapsulation.
d)    Information hiding.

4).the software component of an expert system that draws conclusion is.
a)    User interface.
b)    Database.
c)    Inference engine.
d)    I/O controller.

5).The attribute and method for each object are stored in.
a)    A n object instance.
b)    An object connection.
c)    An assembly structure.
d)    An object repository.

6).An ER diagram is a graphic method of presenting.
a)    Primary key and their relationships.
b)    Primary key and their relationships to instances.
c)    Entity classes and their relationship.
d)    Entity classes and their relationship to primary key.

7).____is an invalid type of database key.
a)    structured Primary key.
b)    Primary key.
c)    Automic Primary key.
d)    none of these.

8).References to each file on a disk are stored in a.
a)    File allocation table.
b)    Linking directory.
c)    Root allocation table.
d)    Root directory.

9).A sender must not be able to deny that he sent a specific message when he infact did.This is an aspect of security called____.
a)    Privacy.
b)    Authentication.
c)    Integrity.
d)    Non Repudiation.

10) a primary key of one file that also appears in another file.
a)    Physical key.
b)    Primary key.
c)    Foreign key.
d)    Logical key.

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