Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer awareness Questions and Answers | All student world

Mcqs On Computer Fundamental | Computer  Awareness Questions And Answers | All student world 

1).Database management system are comprised of tables that made up of rows called____and column called.
a)    Field records.
b)    Record field.
c)    Address fields.
d)    Ranges fields.

2).The steps and tasks needed to process data such as responses to questions or clicking an icon,are called.
a)    The operating system.
b)    Application software.
c)    The system unit.
d)    instruction.

3).A compiler is.
a)    A combination of computer.
b)    A program which translate from one high level language to another.
c)    A program which translates from one high level to machine level.
d)    Both I&II.

4).In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in a cell we must begin the entry with an operator such as.
a)    $.
b)    @.
c)    =.
d)    #.

5).Alerts mostly appear in____.
a)    Check Box.
b)    Combo Box.
c)    Dialog Box.
d)    window.

6).What is used in most programs that is a part of a program and guides the user through certain steps.
a)    Software.
b)    Wiki.
c)    Wizard.
d)    progress.

7).structured Query Language (SQL) is used in the following.
a)    Create Database.
b)    Create and Modify Database.
c)    Create,Modify&Query Database.
d)    Can not create Database.

8).The word bandwidth is also used to mean.
a)    width of the data cable.
b)    Amount of data transferred.
c)    Size of data transferred.
d)    NO of computers on computer network.

9).panther(10.3).jaguar(10.2)puma(10.1)and cheetah(10.1) are example of.
a)    windows OS.
b)    Mac OS.
c)    open operating system.
d)    Unix operating system.

10).what is office open XML.
a)    A file format.
b)    A software.
c)    An electronic device.
d)    An international standard.

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