Basic computer question and answer | Computer awareness questions and answers | all student world

Basic Computer Question and answer | Computer awareness and answer | all student world 

1).To make a notebook act as a desktop model the note can be connected in a____which connected to a monitor and other devices.
a)    Bay.
b)    Docking station.
c)    Network.
d)    None of these.

2).storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as.
a)    volatile storage.
b)    non-volatile storage.
c)    sequential storage.
d)    direct storage.

3).virtual Memory is____.
a)    Memory on the hard disk that the CPU uses as extended RAM.
b)    In RAM.
c)    Only necessary if you do not have any RAM in your computer.
d)    It backup device for floppy disks.

4).which of the following is the largest unit of storage.
a)    GB.
b)    KB.
c)    MB.
d)    TB.

5).The PC(Personal Computer)and the Apple Macintosh are example of two different.
a)    Platform.
b)    Application.
c)    Programs.
d)    storage devices.

6).____bits equal one byte.
a)    Eight.
b)    Two.
c)    One thousand.
d)    One million.

7).which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer.
a)    Process,Output,Input,storage.
b)    Input,Output,Process,storage.
c)    Process,storage,Input,Output.
d)    Input,Process,Output,storage.

8).servers are computers that provide resources to other computer connected to a____.
a)    mainframe.
b)    network.
c)    Distributed.
d)    super computer.

9).clup is a common nick name for a(n).
a)    Transistor.
b)    Resistor.
c)    Integrated circuit.
d)    semiconductor.

10).MICR Technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to.
a)    Magnetic Ink character Recognition.
b)    Magnetic Intelligence character Recognition.
c)    Magnetic information cable Recognition.
d)    Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition.

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