Computer awareness question answers | Mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world

Computer Awareness Questions answers | Mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world 

1).The components of a computer system with the circuitary to control interpretation and execution of instruction is known as.
a)    ALU.
b)    memory.
c)    Control.
d)    CPU.

2).The computer as a Machins and all other equipments associated with it are termed as.
a)    Hardware.
b)    software.
c)    Firmware.
d)    Humanware.

3).The technique that extends storage capacities of memory beyond the actual size of the memory is called.
a)    Multitasking.
b)    virtual storage.
c)    Multiprocessing.
d)    Multiprogramming.

4).microprocessor can be used in making.
a)    computer.
b)    Digital system.
c)    Calculator.
d)    All of these.

5).A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is.
a)    EFTS.
b)    MPG.
c)    MIPS.
d)    CPS.

a)    28.
b)    (28).
c)    22.
d)    21.

7).The basic operation performed by a computer is.
a)    Arithmetic operation.
b)    Logical operation.
c)    storage and relative.
d)    All of these.

8).The man who built the first mechanical calculator was.
a)    joseph marie jacquared.
b)    Blaise pascal.
c)    john mauchly.
d)    Harward A iken.

9).Analog computer is.
a)    A means of communicating with at a low level.
b)    A device that operates on data in the form of continuously varying physical quantities.
c)    An algebraic high level language.
d)    All of these.

10).The reading speed of MICR is about.
a)    24.
b)    240.
c)    24000.
d)    2400.

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