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Computer Awareness questions Answers |  Mcqs on Computer fundamental | All student world 

1).How many bits is equal to l Nibble.
a)    8&bits.
b)    4 bits.
c)    16 bits.
d)    6 bits.

2).which one of the following is not the part of the Auxiliary storage.
a)    hard disk.
b)    pen drive.
c)    cache.
d)    Floppy disk.

3).which one of the following is not the example of Non Impact Printer.
a)    Inkjet Printer.
b)    Thermal printer.
c)    Daisy wheel printer.
d)    Laser printer.

4).Number of Function keys on the keyboard.
a)    14.
b)    13.
c)    11.
d)    12.

5).In CAD and CAM application what type of Input device a user can use.
a)    KEY BOARD.
c)    MICR.
d)    kimball tag Reader.

6).one Terra Byte (TB) is equal to.
a)    1000 GB>
b)    1050 GB.
c)    1024 GB.
d)    1025 GB.

7).which among the following is a device that is used in computer to add external components.
a)    USB.
b)    Keyboard.
c)    ports/system Boards.
d)    HDD.

8).The term Round-trip delay time used in telecommunication is replaced in computer with which among the following.
a)    Access time.
b)    Response time.
c)    Entrance time.
d)    ping time.

9).The 16 bit microprocessor means that it has.
a)    16 address lines.
b)    16 Buses.
c)    16 Data lines.
d)    16 routes.

10).which of the following printer cannot print graphics.
a)    Ink-jet.
b)    Daisy wheel.
c)    Laser.
d)    Dot-matrix.

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