mcqs on computer fundamentals | Computer Awareness questions answers | all student world

Mcqs on computer Fundamentals | computer awareness questions and answers | all student world 

1).A generic name for inter processor realeased after the original 8086 processor is.
a)    pentium.
b)    X86.
c)    pentium 286.
d)    pentium 255.

2).V-RAM is used for access of the following.
a)    video&Graphics.
b)    Text&images.
c)    programs.
d)    software installation.

3).which among the following is the most common source of virus to the hard disk of your computer.
a)    Incomming Email.
b)    Outgoing Email.
c)    CD ROM.
d)    Website.

4).In the MICR code line structure what do represent the first three digit of sort field number consisting of nine digits.
a)    City.
b)    Bank.
c)    Branch.
d)    Account Type.

5).which memory is volatile memory.
a)    ROM.
b)    BIOS.
c)    EPROM.
d)    RAM.

6).which of the following can only have sequential Access.
a)    Disk.
b)    Tape.
c)    CD-ROM>
d)    DVD-ROM.

7).which of the following is a part of the Central processing Unit.
a)    printer.
b)    Key board.
c)    mouse.
d)    Arithmetic&Logic unit.

8).CAD stands for.
a)    computer aided design.
b)    computer algorithm for design.
c)    computer application in design.
d)    All of the above.

9).How many options does a BINARY choice offer.
a)    None.
b)    one.
c)    Two.
d)    it depends on the amount of memory on the computer.

10).Information travels between components on the mother board through.
a)    Flash memory.
b)    CMOS.
c)    Bays.
d)    Buses.

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