computer awareness questions answers | mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world

Computer awareness questions answers | mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world 

1).chief component of first generation computer was.
a)    Transistors.
b)    vacuum Tubes and valves.
c)    Integrated circuit.
d)    semiconductor.

2).computer size was very large in.
a)    First Generation.
b)    second Generation.
c)    Third Generation.
d)    Fourth Generation.

3).which of the following is first generation of computer.
a)    EDSAC.
b)    IBM-1401.
c)    CDC-1604.
d)    ICL-2900.

4).The man who built the first mechanical calculator was.
a)    Joseph Marie Jacquard.
b)    Blaise pascal.
c)    John Mauch.
d)    Harward and Aiken.

5).computer built before the first generation of computer were.
a)    Mechanical.
b)    Electro mechanical.
c)    Electrical.
d)    All of these.

6).The basic architecture of a computer was developed by.
a)    John von Neuman.
b)    Charles Babbage.
c)    Blaise pascal.
d)    Gorden Moore.

7).32 git operations were introduced for first time by Microsoft in.
a)    windows 95.
b)    windows 3.11.
c)    windows xp.
d)    MS DOS.

8).Microsoft first introduced an operating environment name widows in which year.
a)    1978.
b)    1989.
c)    1985.
d)    1990.

9).RUP stands for Rational Unified process RUP is a software development process from Rational a division of.
a)    Microsoft.
b)    IBM.
c)    Apple.
d)    compaq.

10).what is ISO9362 related to in context to banking Technology.
a)    RTGS Transfer.
b)    NEFT Transfers.
c)    SWIFT Transfers.
d)    All of them.

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