Computer awareness questions answers | mcqs on computer fundamentals| all student world

Computer awareness questions answers | mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world

1).which of the following is also known as brain of computer.
a)    Control unit.
b)    central processing unit.
c)    Arithmatic and logic unit.
d)    monitor.

2).Father of C programming language.
a)    Dennis Ritchie.
b)    prof jhon kemeny.
c)    Thomas kurtz.
d)    Bill Gates.

3).computer equipment itself is called.
a)    hardware.
b)    byte.
c)    mouse.
d)    software.

4).Mr.X has no printer to print his report. he wants to take it to Mr. Y computer because Mr. Y has a printer Mr. X could save his report on a.
a)    hard drive.
b)    piece of paper.
c)    scanner.
d)    floppy disk.

5).Removable disks are often called what.
a)    floppies.
b)    hard drives.
c)    RAM drives.
d)    expansion cards.

6).A____is the general term for hardware not necessary to the basic function of the computer. connected externally.
a)    icon.
b)    bit.
c)    keyboard.
d)    peripheral.

7).what part of the computer stores programs and files for later use.
a)    RAM memory.
b)    hard drive.
c)    mother board.
d)    adapter board.

8).The most frequently used piece of hardware for inputting data is the.
a)    keyboard.
b)    floppy disk.
c)    cursor.
d)    software.

9).This is a permanent storage device.
a)    floppy disk.
b)    monitor.
c)    RAM.
d)    hard disk.

10).The____may also be called the screen or monitor.
a)    printer.
b)    scanner.
c)    hard disk.
d)    display.

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