Mcqs on Computer Fundamentals | Computer awareness questions and answers | all student world

Mcqs on computer Fundamentals | Computer Awareness questions and answers | | all student world

1).The most important or powerful computer in typical network.
a)    Desktop.
b)    Network Client.
c)    Network server.
d)    Network station.

2).which of the following is an example of connectivity.
a)    internet.
b)    Floppy Disk.
c)    power Cord.
d)    Data.

3).All of the following are ways to communicate on the internet EXCEPT.
a)    instant messaging.
b)    E-mail.
c)    Hyperlink.
d)    Chatroom.

4).The OSI model is divided into____processes called layers.
a)    5.
b)    6.
c)    7.
d)    8.

5).You much install a____on a network if you want to share a broadband internet.
a)    Router.
b)    Modem.
c)    Node.
d)    Cable.

6).The design of the network is called the network is called the network.
a)    Architecture.
b)    Server.
c)    Transmission.
d)    Type.

7).The vast network of computer that connects millions of people all over the world is called.
a)    LAN.
b)    web.
c)    hypertext.
d)    internet.

8).FTP stands for.
a)    File Transfer protocol.
b)    File Translate protocol.
c)    File Typing protocol.
d)    File Transit protocol.

9).which of the following protocol is used by internet mail.
a)    HTTP.
b)    TCP IP.
c)    FTP.
d)    UTP.

10).Network of computers that connects million all over the world is called.
a)    LAN.
b)    WEB.
c)    hypertext.
d)    internet.

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