Mcqs on computer fundamentals | computer awareness questions and answers | all student world

Mcqs on computer fundamentals | computer awareness questions and answers | all student world 

1).chief Component of first generation computer was.
a)    Transistors.
b)    vacuum Tubes and valves.
c)    Integrated circuit.
d)    semiconductor.

2).computer size was very large in.
a)    First Generation.
b)    second Generation.
c)    Third Generation.
d)    Fourth Generation.

3).which of the following is first generation of computer.
a)    EDSAC.
b)    IBM-1401.
c)    CDC-1604.
d)    ICL-2900.

4).mega is 2 to the power of.
a)    10.
b)    20.
c)    30.
d)    40.

5).The storage that supplements the primary internal storage of a computer is known as.
a)    secondary storage.
b)    primary storage.
c)    Back end storage.
d)    Back ground storage.

6).The storage device used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another is termed as.
a)    chip.
b)    channel.
c)    Floppy.
d)    Buffer.

7).Microprocessor can be used in making.
a)    computer.
b)    Digital systems.
c)    calculator.
d)    All the Above.

8).what are Laptops.
a)    computers used in clinical Laboratories.
b)    A computer manufactured by compaq.
c)    A computer having voice recognition system.
d)    Lightweight computers,small enough to fit in a small suitcase.

9).On magnetic disks the data on the platter is organized in a cocentric sets of rings called.
a)    sectors.
b)    Gaps.
c)    Rings.
d)    Tracks.

10).which of the following device can store Large amount of data.
a)    Floppy Disk.
b)    Hard disk.
c)    CD ROM.
d)    Zip desk.

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