Mcqs on computer fundamentals | Computer awareness questions and answers | all student world

Mcqs on computer fundamentals | Computer awareness question and answers | all student world | all student world 

1).A____is a bi-stable electronic circuit that has two stable states.
a)    Multivibrator.
b)    Flip-flop.
c)    Logic gates.
d)    latten.

2).which of the following are input devices.
a)    Keyboard.
b)    mouse.
c)    Card reader.
d)    All of these.

3).Exmples of output devices are.
a)    Screen.
b)    printer.
c)    speaker.
d)    All of these.

4).RAM stands for.
a)    Random origin monery.
b)    Random only memory.
c)    Read only memory.
d)    Random access memory.

5).VDU is also called.
a)    Screen.
b)    monitor.
c)    Both 1&2.
d)    printer.

6).A memory that is referred by its contents instead of physical address is called.
a)    Associative.
b)    content addressable storage.
c)    Both(1)and(2).
d)    Rewritable memory.

7).A camera is an.
a)    Input device.
b)    Can be either input or output.
c)    processing machine.
d)    Output device.

8)Restarting a computer which is already running is referred to as.
a)    booting.
b)    starting.
c)    rebooting.
d)    second-starting.

9).if you open a menu and then decide you don't want to select an option after all click the menu title again or press the____key to close the menu.
a)    shift.
b)    Tab.
c)    F1.
d)    Esc.

10).____provides process and memory management services that allow two or more tasks,jobs or programs to run simultaneously.
a)    multitasking.
b)    multithreading.
c)    multiprocessing.
d)    multicomputing.

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