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Mcqs on Illumination or Objective question and answers on Illumination | All student world 

1).The illumination is directly proportional to the cosine of the angle made by the normal to the illuminated surface with direction of the incident flux.above statement is associated with
a)    Lamberts cosine law.
b)    planck's law.
c)    Bunsen's law of the illumination.
d)    Macbeth's law of illumination.

2).Desired illumination level on the working plane depends upon.
a)    age group of observers.
b)    whether the object is stationary or moving.
c)    size of the object to be seen and its distance from the observer.
d)    all above factors.

3).which of the following bulbs operates on least power.
a)    GLS bulb.
b)    Torch bulb.
c)    Neon bulb.
d)    Night bulb.

4).A poor man for his kitchen will make use of.
a)    fluorescent tube.
b)    incandescent lamp.
c)    sodium vapour lamp.
d)    high pressure mercury vapour lamp.

5).Soft shadows are produced by.
a)    using surface source of light instead of point source of light.
b)    increasing the number of lamps.
c)    both(a)and(b).
d)    none of the above.

6).In sodium vapour lamp neon gas.
a)    acts as a shield around the filament.
b)    assists in developing enough heat to vaporize the sodium.
c)    change the colour of light.
d)    prevents the vaporization of filament.

7).Glare is reduced by.
a)    using diffusers.
b)    increasing the height of the lamp.
c)    using reflectors to cut-off the light at certain angle.
d)    all of the above.

8).when an electric bulb is broken it produces bang;this is due to.
a)    vacuum inside the bulb.
b)    pressure of air in the bulb.
c)    pressure inside is equal to that outside.
d)    none of the above.

9).The tungsten filament lamps when compared with fluorescent tubes have all the following advantages except.
a)    simple installation.
b)    longer life.
c)    less costly.
d)    More brightness.

10).The level of illumination on a surface least depends on.
a)    ambient temperature.
b)    candle power of the source.
c)    distance of the source.
d)    type of reflector used.

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