Electric Illumination | Objective questions | Multiple choice questions and answers | All student World 1.3

Electric illumination | Objective questions and answers | Mcqs On Illumination 

1).solid angle is expressed in terms of
a)    radians/meter.
b)    radians.
c)    steredians.
d)    degree.

2).in illumination technology total lumens emitted by source/total lumens available after waste of light is equal to
a)    waste light factor.
b)    utilization factor.
c)    beam factor.
d)    absorption factor.

3).A solid angle can be expressed in terms of
a)    steradians.
b)    radians.
c)    flux.
d)    lux.

4).__factor is defined as the ratio of the illumination when everything is clean to illumination under normal working comditions.
a)    depreciation.
b)    maintenance.
c)    utilization.
d)    Absorption factor.

5).the filament of a GLS lamp is made of
a)    tungsten.
b)    copper.
c)    carbon.
d)    aluminium.

6).the colour of sodium vapour discharge lamp is
a)    red.
b)    pink.
c)    yellow.
d)    bluish green.

7).in case of ......power factor is the highest.
a)    GLS lamps.
b)    mercury arc lamps.
c)    tube lights.
d)    sodium vapour lamps.

8). A mercury vapour lamp gives.....light.
a)    white.
b)    pink.
c)    yellow.
d)    greenish blue.

9).the gas filled in vacuum filament lamps is
a)    nitrogen.
b)    argon.
c)    air.
d)    none.

10).in houses the illumination is in the range of
a)    2_5 lumens/watt
b)    10_20 lumens/watt.
c)    35_45 lumens/watt.
d)    60_65 lumens/watt.