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Mcqs on Computer Fundamental | Computer awareness Questions and Answers | All Student 

1).in Ms-word 2007 maximum zoom is____.
a)    200%.
b)    300%.
c)    400%.
d)    500%.

2).To make all letters small in a sentence____will apply after selecting whole sentence.
a)    Uppercase.
b)    sentence case.
c)    lower case.
d)    toggle case.

3).in a word document____key is used to go randomly last page in a document.
a)    Alt+Home.
b)    Alt+End.
c)    ctrl+shift+End.
d)    ctrl+End.

4).The primary purpose of software is to turn data into____.
a)    websites.
b)    information.
c)    programs.
d)    objects.

5).A____is a collecting of information saved as a unit.
a)    folder.
b)    printout.
c)    path.
d)    file.

6).bas..doe and htm are example of.
a)    data bases.
b)    Domains.
c)    extension.
d)    protocols.

7).Transformation from input to output is performed by.
a)    peripherals.
b)    memory.
c)    storage.
d)    I/P-O/P Unit.

8).computer collect data, it means they allow user to____data.
a)    present.
b)    Transmit.
c)    Output.
d)    store.

9).There is very small picture on the screen which represent program.file or folder.
a)    Icon.
b)    Memory.
c)    chip.
d)    virus.

10).In MS-word 2007 clipboard option present in____menu.
a)    Insert.
b)    Mailing.
c)    view.
d)    Home.

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