Basic Computer Questions and Answers | Computer Awareness Question and answers | all student world

Basic Computer questions and answers | Computer Awareness Question and Answers | all student world

1).How many layers are there in OSI reference model.
a)    5.
b)    3.
c)    2.
d)    7.

2).which of the following is not the name of layer in TCP/IP model.
a)    session layer.
b)    Link layer.
c)    internet layer.
d)    Application layer.

3).which of the following refers to a small. single-site network.
a)    LAN.
b)    DSL.
c)    RAM.
d)    CPU.

4).In data link layer of OSI reference model ATM is used. what is full form of ATM.
a)    Automatic Teller Machine.
b)    Any Time Money.
c)    Asy mmetric
d)    100%

5).In which year was the SDR, the international asset created by IMF?
a)    1969  
b)    1970
c)    1980
d)    1985

6).THE institution which regulates the unorganized financial sectors in India is
a)    SEBI
b)    ICICI
c)    GIC
d)    IDBI

7).FDI Ceiling in Defence Projects has been raised from 26% to _______ in August, 2014.
a)    49%  
b)    45%
c)    40%
d)    35%

8).What kind of planning controls being exercised by the free market economies?
a)    Direct control
b)    Indirect Control
c)    Physical Control
d)    Other Control

9).Traditional economy is a _______.
a)    Subsistence economy
b)    Market economy
c)    Command economy    
d)    Monetary economy

10).The basic force that drives the capitalist economy is _______.
a)    Planning
b)    Technology
c)    Government
d)    Profit-motiv


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