Basic computer Questions and Answers | computer awareness questions and Answers | all student world

Basic computer question and Answers | Computer Awareness questions and Answers | all student world 

1).A processes that collects the transmission from several communication media and sends therm over a single line that operates at a higher capacity is called.
a)    Multiplex.
b)    Bridge.
c)    Hub.
d)    Router.

2).An internet address is____bits in length.
a)    4.
b)    8.
c)    16.
d)    32.

3).____is an access method in which collisions are entirely avoided.
a)    CSMA.
b)    CSMA/CD.
c)    CSMA/CA.
d)    All.

4).SMTP FTPand DNSare applications of the____layer.
a)    Data link.
b)    Network.
c)    Transport.
d)    Application.

5).Traffic in a VPN is not.
a)    invisible from public network.
b)    Logically separated from other traffic.
c)    Accessible from unauthorized public network.
d)    Restricted to a single protocol in IPSEC.

6).In computer field there are____in open system Interconnection.
a)    5 layer.
b)    6 layer.
c)    7 layer.
d)    8 layer.

7).Firewall used in communication network to save.
a)    Unauthorised attack.
b)    virus attack.
c)    Data driven attack.
d)    Fire attack.

8).word FTP as used in the field of computers stands for.
a)    File translate protocol.
b)    File transit protocol.
c)    File typing protocol.
d)    File transfer protocol.

9).which of the following is the most prevalent method for transferring fund from one city to another.
a)    Internet.
b)    EDI.
c)    TT.
d)    Fax.

10).what Topology that is used in MANET.
a)    STAR Topology.
b)    RING Topology.
c)    MESH Topology.
d)    BUS Topology.

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