Computer Awareness questions and answers | mcqs on computer Fundamentals | All student world

Computer Awareness questions and answers | Mcqs on computer Fundamentals | All student world 

1).ADSL data communication technology uses which of the following for faster data transmission.
a)    voiceband modem.
b)    wireless model.
c)    copper telephone lines.
d)    sockets.

2).In core Banking system what does CORE stands for.
a)    centralized Online Record Exchange.
b)    centralized Office Real Time exchange.
c)    centralized Online Real Time exchange.
d)    central Online Real Time Exchange.

3).The first three digit of the credit card number are known as.
a)    Issuer Identification Number.
b)    Major Industry Identifier.
c)    Account Number.
d)    checksum.

4).Opera Mozilla Netscape Navigator Safari are example of.
a)    web browser.
b)    web portal.
c)    Application software.
d)    system software.

5).Buy Now pay Now is commonly used for.
a)    visa card.
b)    vault card.
c)    Credit card.
d)    Debit card.

6).An online transaction is.
a)    one that is done in real time.
b)    Transaction done via internet.
c)    one that is done via telephone.
d)    Transaction done via correspondent.

7).computer use the____number system to store data and perform calculations.
a)    Dedimal.
b)    Hexadecimal.
c)    Octal.
d)    Binary.

8).The product of two binary number 1011 and 1001 is.
a)    1100011.
b)    1010100.
c)    101101.
d)    physical structure.

9).which one of the following is not layer of OSI Model.
a)    Application.
b)    Session.
c)    physical.
d)    Feasible.

10).Antivirus is a an.
a)    Application software.
b)    system software.
c)    Utility software.
d)    Networking software.

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