Computer Awareness questions answers | Mcqs on computer fundamentals | All student world

Computer awareness questions answers | mcqs on computer fundamentals | all student world 

1).How options does binary choice offer.
a)    None.
b)    one.
c)    Two.
d)    it depends on the amount of memory in the computer.

2).which of the following refers to the memory in your computer.
a)    RAM.
b)    DSL.
c)    USB.
d)    LAN.

3).How many values can be represented by a single byte.
a)    4.
b)    16.
c)    64.
d)    256.

4).Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because the tape is a.
a)    A random-access medium.
b)    A sequential-access medium.
c)    A read only medium.
d)    fragile and easily damaged.

5).modifier key in a general keyboard are.
a)    Ctrl.
b)    Alt.
c)    Shift.
d)    All.

6).valid storage capacity of DVD is.
a)    700MB.
b)    4.7GB>
c)    9.4GB.
d)    Both(ii)&(iii)

7).The term push and pull services in context of the banking industry are used in which among the following generally.
a)    Rural Banking.
b)    Unit Banking.
c)    Online Banking.
d)    Mobile Banking.

8).what would be the no of bytes transferred at the rate of I kilo bite per second.
a)    100.
b)    108.
c)    125.
d)    140.

9).which among the following is not a payment Card technology.
a)    magnetic strip card.
b)    smart card.
c)    Fleet card.
d)    credit card.

10).Information travels between components on the mother board through.
a)    Flash memory.
b)    CMOS.
c)    Bays.
d)    Buses.

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